Circle Fixture for Table Saw and Spindle Moulder

That circle fixture allows rough or smooth cuts on the table saw as well as shaping or sanding with the spindle moulder. The sliding arm holds a pin accommodating the workpiece centre hole and a stop gauge enables the radius to be accurately adjusted.


The spindle moulder fence attachment fits the fence plate grooves and two screws clamps the base against the table. The underneath plywood plate accommodates two stuck mahogany tracks and two front stop blocks prevent the sliding arm from contacting the cutter head. The two spacers in the right hand side of the below drawing may fill the void between the two tracks and aim to sustain the workpiece near to the working tool.

Shaper Attachment

These track extensions purpose the table saw as well as the spindle moulder. They are the main base of the circle fixture working in conjunction with the table saw and extend the radius capability. As above a plywood plate accommodates two stuck solid wood and the arm slides along the grooves.

Track Extensions

The mahogany sliding arm holds a seven location rounded hand screwed through the wood with a square nut. The odd shaped metal piece embedded near the front side may hold any pin diameter with a eight-millimetre threaded rod. I don't remember where it comes from but several threaded holes allows a strong clamping. Finally a stuck measuring tape helps for the reading of the current radius.

Slinding Pivot

The sliding arm glide along the track as far the adjustable gauge stops against the base. I made that gauge from pieces left in the shop and the below drawing is only here as matter of interest. I had fun making that stop but a gauge based on a threaded rod should be easier to build. The accessory clamps the tongues of the sliding arm and can be locked at any location.

Stop Gauge