Combination Machine Add-on Cabinet

The cabinet and the recess and the drawer which are about 1500x900x350mm (60x35x14") house the most usual accessories of the combination machine in a room available within two meters from the workstation.


In the below picture and hung along the back wall you may barely see the wagon carriage extension and side by side the rip fence extension leant on the three-meter straight edge. As for the inside cabinet, the following description start from the top toward the bottom :

Top Cabinet

Here are the accessories put away between the top cabinet and the worktop :


The underneath drawer holds the spindle moulder cutter heads and the planer knifes with its magnet jig as well as some sanding sleeves right at the rear of the following tools, from right to left :
  • The universal profile/rabbet block with some steel knives and disposable inserts.
  • In the front corner stands the 45 cutter head for mitring stick frame as instance.
  • The adjustable grooving cutters machining perfect finger joints.
  • The rings and shims and base accommodating the virtual spindle.
  • In front of the two above boxes lays the tube used for adjusting without measuring.
  • The v-glue joint cutter head and the adjustable chamfer block.
  • The second adjustable cutter head with disposable insert and the protractor.
  • Then the sanding drum laid just before.
  • And the spiral jointing cutter head with two fitted ball bearings in front.