Hand Tool Rack

At designing time I looked for as solution that could have allowed for keeping all the usual tools within arm reach when standing in front of the main worktop. Eventually I came up with upright drawers hanged and sliding along a metal angle that would meet my need as well as save much room. The small weather station shows time and temperature and humidity.


The first compartment contains steel chisel and mortise chisel and the mallet. The hold fast with some hand saws lay in the top drawer of the main cabinet when not used and the block plane is put way just behind the door of the top cabinet. A variety of spacers and wedges keep also within reach on the shelf.

Chisels and Mallet

The second storage space accommodates the more usual tools like screw drivers, hammers, right and adjustable angles and so forth. The screw and nail organizer right behind the bench vice and the power-tools in the top cabinet enable for the main elements to be quickly found. A little bit-holder accommodates the most common bits, a bit tip holder with some drivers and a countersink bits and all other accessories are available at the drill press work station, less than one and a half meters from the centre of the main worktop.

Usual Tools

Flat wrenches and pipe wrenches and combo ones hang along the third upright drawer. They are not very usual tools but spending one minute to find out the right wrench in a cantilever tool box is one of the things that annoys me the much. Here is also probably the best place to describe an bit more the clamp storage. Clamps up to 300mm (12") lay on a shelf just under the top cabinet and small ones into the wooden box behind the workbench vice.


The clamps up to 800mm (30") and t-bar ones hangs along the walls as well as the longest bar clamps but they stand out of the scope of that photo. Lastly the fourth drawer accommodates a variety of files and some levels. By the way the white half circle in front of the drawer compartment is my favourite protractor.

Files and Levels