Machine Tools

The combination machine and the drill press with the shared dust extractor are the only three stationary machine tools in my small shop filled out with power tools and hand tools as well.


The combination machine is the main tool and was located so that minimizing the foot-print and maximizing the milling ability. The benchmark leading the shop design was the home ceiling height minus the skirting that matched a plywood sheet length. This organisation enables nearly any furniture dimension as well as wainscoting or else covering the whole height of any wall. Besides the wheel kit allows for the machine to be enough easily moved.


The following lists the combination machine modifications and added accessories. Please note the machine lost the manufacturer certificate of compliance CE as soon as I modified the first element which was the planer-jointer fence. This does not imply I've been insecurely milling wood with that machine but merely the manufacturer is no longer reliable as regard any relevant technical problem or accident involving injury. I am fully aware of that fact.