Frame and Panel Making

Preamble : I don't want to write another list of what each woodworker should know in order to work safely. Everybody may find what matters using a search engine with key words "woodworking safety". Albeit all these articles talk to the others and I would have liked to find someone writing : "for my own safety I try to..." which means many more people convey a standard point of view about safety without wondering anything. I avoid these kind of topic that lead to nothing most of time. On the other hand I get involved in every exchange that tend to explain why something would be unsafe et try to find out a better way. It's all about mental attitude and the last one requires the point of view to be argued. Nothing good nothing bad but keeping open minded.WhyDi
Enthusiastic woodworkers typically like joinery and I belong in some ways although I'd rather go for joints on the combination machine and have no really taste for hand made assemblies. What follows describes three joints aiming frames and two manners of making applied moulding but also three ways of machining raised panels.


Before diving into details I should say the second main purpose of that paper was to minimize the machine operations as well as required tooling and I made the decision of using the single saw blade and mortiser bit that came with the combination machine. As a result the methods shown below are not the fastest but I am a hobbyist woodworker and have good time in my shop.


The well known and strong mitre stick frame with its tenon-mortise joinery is probably the most common way of assembling panels as you may read about in that document or clicking on the below picture.

The rail stile panels may be arranged in many ways to meet nearly all design wishes or needs. See more about in that paper.

Mitre joint constructions looks fine but are no as strong as the above joint. Here is a way of making such frame.

The mitre joint with offset shoulders combines the strength of the tenon-mortise assembly and good-looking of the mitred cuts but demands much time and care. Find out how reading that segment.