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Swing Away Guard : Bending Track

This document is part of the Swing7 project. The bending track is closely related to each planer-jointer and rather than designing a single version it seems more suitable to give some dimensions that may help you to build your own one. Made from metal or wood the run dimensions need to conform with a length and two radius you may calculate there and an angle. the two radius are designed to restrict the angles at a maximum of 30° in relation to the sliding cover.


The measurements in the drawing assume a bending track close to the table what is not realistic but helps the understanding. As the rotating arm can clear the full cutter head block we need to move the slope 7.5 degrees. That minimum angle implies the last fold at 45° and may be increased.


You may design a sheet metal or wooden bending track as well as a run that could be used as a chuck protector for the mortiser. The standard dimensions should allows for the chuck room.


Here are some details that might help. The aluminium angle aims to cover the pillow block and the bending track slides along the machine frame allowing the run to be set and removed without tool as well as clamped against the structure.