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Swing Away Guard : Rotating Arm

This document is part of the Swing7 project. The two radius in the drawing are the key part of the rotating arm and at a broader level lead the project. You may calculate the related dimensions in that page. The rotating arm needs a 10 mm thick plywood 589 x 169.


The two next sketches enable you to draw the arm step by step. Start to define the main axis of the rotating arm then follow the needed dimensions to progress. Lastly round the angles before cutting off.



The apron height is directly related to the sliding cover thickness and helps for the strengthening of the arm. the front side is slightly less thick and aims to avoid dust and chips jam.


The mount is a strengthened metal angle with a wedged pivot. The spring will probably need some experiments and may be coiled with this method. All the other parts are related to the planer-jointer and the guard dimensions.