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Swing Away Guard : Sliding Cover

This document is part of the Swing7 project. The sliding cover can be cut from a 5 mm thick plywood in one shot where wooden pads and stop blocks are stuck. After calculating the dimensions related to the planer-jointer, cut a 300 x 170 mm plywood sheet and draw the trapezes as in the sketch.


Using a back saw with a dovetail blade, saw along the lines without cutting out then turn the plywood upside-down and chamfer along cuts with a sign making router bit or with regard to the dimensions in the drawing.

Sawing and Chamfering

Stuck two strips of cloth with white glue and let the glue cure properly. There is no need of applying pressure as the cloth soak up the glue but the tricky part is to avoid glue where the cloth folds. Cut out the sliding cover then drill two holes that accommodate nylon screws and nuts, much more safe than metal ones in that context.

Sticking Cutting Drilling

The sliding pads are wooden made and stuck with white glue to the cover without any other fastening. Angles allow the cover to bend up to 45° whereas we only need 30°, excepted for the last fold that requires 45°.


Whatever the form of the stop blocks they fill two functions. The first one prevents the cover from folding upward and the second one helps every part of the cover to line up when flat. As a consequence there is no clearance between them or as less as possible.

Stop blocks