Mini Planer Jointer

Preamble : I don't want to write another list of what each woodworker should know in order to work safely. Everybody may find what matters using a search engine with key words "woodworking safety". Albeit all these articles talk to the others and I would have liked to find someone writing : "for my own safety I try to..." which means many more people convey a standard point of view about safety without wondering anything. I avoid these kind of topic that lead to nothing most of time. On the other hand I get involved in every exchange that tend to explain why something would be unsafe et try to find out a better way. It's all about mental attitude and the last one requires the point of view to be argued. Nothing good nothing bad but keeping open minded.WhyDi
The project try to find a safe way of planing using a power planer as well as moving a stationary 'mini' planer jointer. Of course the mini planer jointer can't replace a heavy duty machine but its table extensions allow 450 mm before and after the working tool meaning over 900 mm long. The reversible fence and the automatic guard are probably the tricky elements of the project but booth need care due to their function about safety. A wooden base steady holds and locks the power tool and the project includes to set and adjust and remove the planer jointer without tool.


The mini planer jointer is designed to plane and edge but also rebate and chamfer as you may find out clicking the following thumbnails.

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Last but not least the project is devised to move into your own designed box or to be put away on a cabinet shelf. Every attachment is computed in that purpose. You may make up a project aiming your own dimensions reading the detailed pages that explain how folding up and placing each element into the box.