Circle Fixture for SpindleMoulder

Although never experienced the fixture is able to drive circle up to one and a half meter in diameter. It helps for the shaping or sanding of the edge of a solid wood or wood like or else aluminium circle that may rotate by hand or using a power feed unit. Details of the circle fixture may be read in that document and rough cutting a circle could be easily performed with the same fixture on the table saw. The smallest circle I sanded is about fifteen mm in radius.


Diameter comes accurate only if the circle fixture is firmly clamped and the base can't move. After sliding two strips with their screw in the groove, the carriage needs to be locked with a clamp. Aluminium flexibility in conjunction with an adjusted spacer between the sliding carriage and the support tracks prevent the carriage from moving or bending.

Carriage Lock

The fence attachment slides along the fence plate grooves and the two screws with their strip lock that base against the carriage. It remains to set up the handle at the right location and lock the stop gauge near to the needed radius. The micro adjustment provides about one centimetre of play to approach the final radius step by step.

Set Up

Pushing the arm with the handle and simultaneously revolving the workpiece may quickly become annoying and the second part of that task could be performed with a power feed unit.

Power Feed